Vila i frid George Young.
Det är med stor sorg som vi mottagit beskedet att George Young har avlidit.
George var en av bröderna Young, och har genom åren producerat flera skivor med AC/DC och hjälpt bröderna genom sin erfarenhet som både låtskrivare och gitarrist i framgångsrika bandet The Easybeats,
När The Easybeats lades ner så fortsatte George att skriva musik ihop med sin bandkollega Harry Vanda.
Duon ”Young and Vanda” har genom åren skrivit musik och producerat många album med framgångsrika artister.
George Young blev 70 år.

AC/DC skriver detta på sin hemsida:
”It is with pain in our heart that we have to announce the passing of our beloved brother and mentor George Young. Without his help and guidance there would not have been an AC/DC.

As a musician, songwriter, producer, advisor and much, much more, you could not ask for a more dedicated and professional man.

As a brother, you could not ask for a finer brother. For all he did and gave to us throughout his life, we will always remember him with gratitude and hold him close to our hearts.”