Den 25 november släpptes det första AC/DC fanzinet på engelska. På omslaget av den första utgåvan syns en stor hyllning till rockvärldens största gitarrister, Malcolm Young.

(Saxat från tidningens pressutskick)
As you may well know, AC/DC are one of the most down to earth bands around. Despite their phenomenal success, they’ve never let it go to their heads and maintain a great relationship with their fans. To celebrate over 40 years of rock’n’roll a group of fans from all over the world have gathered together to create the first international AC/DC fanzine: Overdose.
Overdose offers readers exclusive interviews, eye-witness accounts and never before heard snippets and stories from the band’s eventful four decades on the road.  Stories from the first issue of Overdose include-

YOU’VE BEEN THUNDERSTRUCK – Discover straight from the horse’s mouth (well, our good friend Arwel Owen) what it is like to star in an AC/DC video.
BLOW UP YOUR VIDEO – Our exclusive interview with AC/DC’s go-to video director, David Mallet.
FAMILY JEWELS – We chat exclusively to tour chef Maurice Johnson (who also happens to be Brian Johnson’s brother)
ON THE ROAD WITH DAZGOULASH – Darren Goulash is a bonafide AC/DC superfan. We get his perspective on going on the road with AC/DC in his own unique way.
ROCK OR BUST – Discover Tom Bombo and his adventures in our AC/DC comic!

…. and much more.
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